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A New Beginning for Luke and Trevor



volk_cover5     A New Beginning for Luke and Trevor will soon be released.  Keep watch here to see when it is available.

After Luke and Trevor arrive in Colorado they begain a new adventure.  Will they settle down or will they go further west exploring.    Read about it in the New Beginning.







Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane



Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane

Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane

Join Luke and Trevor as their adventures continue. They fight outlaws and Indians while heading west. After reaching Independence, Luke and Trevor join a wagon train. On this wagon train the two boys discover old friends are traveling with them. The Wrights are relatives of an old friend who had saved Trevor’s life earlier during the war. The Dailys had met Luke when he was in St Louis and were on the train with them. All of their old friends welcome each other and recount good times from the past on the wagon train.

But not everyone is glad to see Luke and Trevor. Two men, who used to be part of Captain Fry’s gang, are also on board. Will Luke and Trevor discover who these mysterious men are before they exact their revenge? Why are these two even on the train in the first place? Find out in Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane.

The official release date of the book is June 3rd, 2014.

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Trevor Lane and Independence



 When word comes that the war is over, Trevor travels back to the Wrights, only to find that their house has been destroyed and Margret and her son with it.  He then decides he must move west, carrying the weight of the loss with him as he goes.   

 Follow Trevor as he travels through the South trying to make it out West.  Being a former Union soldier in the Civil War while also encountering the very people that took the Wrights and his future away from him.

   It is now available at Tate Publishing  click on BOOKSTORE LINK





Trevor Lane and The Civil War



Trevor Lane and the Civil War

When Trevor’s family is killed he gets into trouble with the law. To prevent him from going to jail the Local Chief of Police works with the Judge to get Trevor into the Army. Follow Trevor through the war along with the Pennsylvania Sixth Calvary, also known as Morris Lancers. /

After being captured by the Confederate Army Trevor almost dies while he is at Bell Isle prison. You can learn what life in prison was like for those who were captured during the war.

Thanks to new friends that Trevor meets in the Army he is not alone anymore. Not being around horses as he grew up he meets a horse that no one can handle. The two are loners and develop a friendship that lasts through out the war as they learn to depend on each other.

Check out the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-Y5jy-0AIs

The book is now available through Tate Publishing



Luke Taylor Westward Bound



When Luke Taylor’s father leaves home to fight for the South in the Civil War, it’s up to Luke to be the man of his family. Luke struggles to keep his family safe as Union soldiers march through the South burning crops, destroying buildings, and killing livestock. When a band of renegades dressed as Union soldiers attacks his home, killing his brother and beating him and his mother, Luke must leave the farm to find his father.

Luke and his father return to see their farm facing a new threat—carpetbaggers from the North who threaten to seize their land. When Luke and his father resist, Luke has to kill a carpetbagger to defend his father. The leader of the carpetbaggers reports to the Union army that Luke killed his man in cold blood. Luke must either stay with his family and risk being hanged or leave his home forever in search of a better life in the West.

In Luke Taylor—Westward Bound, Luke races against time, Union soldiers, and bounty hunters on his way to join a wagon train in Independence, Missouri. With only a packhorse, a few days’ supply of food, and a stowaway dog, Luke heads west on a tense, adventure-filled journey of survival. Luke Taylor—Westward Bound takes readers along on a thrilling quest for freedom, peace, and ultimately, revenge.

Check out the trailer at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92A79OLl3FA

Taylor’s Civil War



New Taylor civil war coverThe Taylor’s Civil War 

The Taylor’s Civil War, a novel by Lowell F. Volk, is being re-released . This moving, action-filled story of the Taylor family, farmers in Virginia at the time of the Civil War, portrays the family’s struggle and hardship during this time when they too suffer loss of life and property.

The Civil War causes unwanted change for the Taylor family, who simply wants to farm, raise cattle, and live a peaceful existence. The author describes the family’s patriotism but also their need for reprisal after one of the sons is killed by renegades under the guise of the military. Once the Civil War is over, the conflict continues as they deal with thievery in the form of the carpetbaggers, who prey on the South at war’s end.

Volk is a native of Minnesota, currently retired and living in Pleasant View, Colorado, where he is a member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse. Lowell and his wife, Mary Lou, have five children: Terri, Scott, Paula, Lowell Jr., and Kathy. Lowell has an MBA from the University of La Verne and enjoys horseback riding, deer and elk hunting, and early American history.

The Taylor’s Civil War is a 291-page paperback with a retail price of $ 21.99. The ISBN is 978-1-63268-679-4.